Thursday, December 1, 2011

01 :: Solitary Man & Energetic Cat

Ready....Get Set Go!

A Solitary Gentleman, once a wealthy entrepreneur. He retired to a shack in the woods, were he could peacefully ponder the mysteries of life. He gardens, sews, and reads, slowly and deliberately, often pausing mid action to process his deep thoughts. His meals are simple and his other assets basic. He owns nothing unnecessary or distracting, except for his cat. Opposite of his master, this ball of unbridled energy lives solely to play with his master and spends most of the day frustrated as his master shuffles on, slower and slower as the day spins on. His master loves him well occasionally (at turtle pace) but for the most part, the energetic cat is ignored.

Of course, there will be a resolution to this story - a character who will rescue the cat from misery. But she won't show up until tomorrow. Thanks for your time and feedback. See you soon!


  1. At first glance I want to call the "Solitary Gentleman" HOBO CLAUS or HERMIT CLAUSE ;)

  2. Excellent observation...if I were to do more with this character, I'd definitely want to stray from the Santa look.

  3. They've been named via facebook relatives ... Uncle Egbert and Rinaldo

  4. It could also be a plus to play with the idea of Santa Claus.