Tuesday, December 20, 2011

17 :: Skinny Eats

Who is this super skinny girl holding a giant hamburger? She's commonly called the "Skinny Eater" as her day long mission is to eat and eat in attempt to someday reach a healthy weight.

I created this idea to kind of flip the "eat less to lose weight" mantra on its head. Though underdeveloped, there is alot of fascinating psychology lurking underneath this idea. There are all types of eating disorders: and they aren't exclusive to gender, I've found. There are many men with anorexia and even "bulking up" with muscle can be a disorder.  I feel a great social responsibility when exploring an idea such as this, as these disorders cause real suffering and my approach is quite light-hearted.  But maybe that's not a bad thing ... hmm ...

So how would this disorder affect a person's day to day? What if a person could actually never reach a healthy weight ... what if their metabolism was their worst memory and their worst fear was that they may whither away? What do you think about this idea...could it work as a comedy, flourish better as a drama, or combine a bit of both?

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  1. Almost reminiscent of the plight of a former ballerina perhaps...