Wednesday, December 21, 2011

18 :: Angry and the ChipperMonks

Ever wished you could stand out from the crowd? Angre (pronounced "On+Glee") does.  He could have been a brilliant fashion designer. But no, he was chosen to be a monk and to wear the same robes every day. He's tried to play with just the color of the fabric or add an accessory, but every time the chipper leader monks says through a teethy smile, "You so funny ... orange is better ... change back now." But this will not last much longer ... Angre has a dark, sinister plan.

Here's the facebook thread that inspired this idea ...

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  1. This idea was inspired by my Eric George on facebook. He wrote me a note saying how cool it was to see my name in the "Chipmonks" credits, his sister (my sister in law) said "he means Chipmunks... not religious monks", I laughed, and an idea was born. I was already planning make a story about identical vs standing-out, but this idea trumps it. Thanks, Eric.