Saturday, December 17, 2011

15 :: Trash vs Nature

What if nature could fight back and stop the trash invasion. In this story they can (if you can't tell, that's a pine cone leading the nature group. This is an idea with MUCH to be developed. Comments Welcome!

To beef up my post, here's a quote from Chris Oatley, which I saw on Twitter :

"Take your story. Chop off the beginning and the end. Is it still interesting? 
The middle should have it's own beginning, middle & end." -Chris Oatley


  1. This is great Scott! Good job man-keep up the good work! - John Bean

  2. hehehe I like this idea! and the pine cone!

  3. What if the club that the drink cup has was a live stick, that twisted around and bit his hand... hahahaha funny idea....