Monday, December 26, 2011

22 :: Commerical Claus


           I love the story of Santa Claus. He is a symbol of the gift of Jesus Christ - of the true meaning of Christmas. But that Commercial Claus, I hear good people complaining about him all the time. Yeah, he's a cool dude - pretty flashy, pretty attractive. But he can be very distracting and almost overpowering. He convinces us to buy more in order to love more ... and if we receive less some of us find we might feel upset and unloved. Though Commercial Claus is stopping by my doorstep this season, he's not invited for dinner.

           Of course, Santa Claus is in my story, as the defender or good tiding, kind deads, and belief in the true meaning of Christmas.


  1. I think I get it, do you mean, Commercial Claus is the representation of the distractions and commercialization of Christmas, and Santa Claus is the representation true meaning of Christmas, of the birth of our Savior?