Tuesday, December 27, 2011

23 :: Carousel Clock

On day 14, we introduced Monsieur Revieu and his magic clock. And I had no time to explore the clock as a character but I do now. Here it is. As the clock face opens each day, the group of critics will begin their assesments. I first envisioned them as a group as depicted above. I've later thought it would be cool to have a carousel inside the clock, where each critic would ride a different animal and the carousel would stop as each critic gives their personal critique. Since the clock is magical, it would be fun to have the carousel be larger than there is actual room in the clock.

I picture the critics being quite unpredictable at first and as the story progresses, we as an audience can relate to them more as we observe Monsier Revieu's reactions and review him ourselves.

Thanks everyone for their enthusiasm over this idea. I'm beginning to think there may be something special here.

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  1. Let it be known ... Josh Guymon says this one is his favorite.