Monday, December 5, 2011

04 :: No Shadow Man

Have you ever had a spasm when you inexplicably poke yourself in the eye? When you trip over your own foot? When your head bobbles to an annoying song? It may be safe to say you've been duped by the
Having no shadow himself, our shadows are his puppetstrings. Chances are, if you've inexplicably poked yourself in the eye, he has his grasp on your shadow's arm.
I must say : He must be stopped : We must muster our courage and muster his shadow back. When we bring back his shadow, to our delight, he'll cower, shiver, and become consumed again with the passion he pursued most of his life - getting rid of his dreadful shadow.

A special thanks to Matt Bell who suggested these two separate ideas that worked together in creating an interesting, well rounded villian. I fully reserve the right to change the character design above ... we can definitely do better! Any suggestions on a name?

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