Saturday, December 31, 2011

28 :: Conga Princess Conquers the Aliens

Spring may appear timid, but when alone in her home, she's a CONGA PRINCESS. No one can exceed the beauty of her powerful dance moves. And sadly, no one knows it. But her talent cannot remain hidden for long.

Location : Earth
Event : Alien Invasion
Who will save us? : Spring and her Epically royal conga.

I just had this short film idea the other day shortly after I saw our cousin Spring Guymon at wedding pictures. I thought it would be catchy and thrilling to watch a character who's dance moves are so thrilling they can boot a flying saucer back to outer space. Yes, this film would be a musical, but epic "battles" never looked so good!


  1. Hey it's me!!! (: This sounds like a super fun idea Scott!

  2. I'm glad you like it, Spring ... one of my favorites overall. Thanks for inspiring me and for being such a wonderful, joyful person.