Friday, December 16, 2011

14 :: Monsieur Revieu

Every morning, Monsieur Revieu, sits on a stool and nervously waits for the antique clock to strike 7am. As the bell tolls, the clock face opens to reveal rows of mechanical figurines who spring to life, giving poor Monsieur Revieu a rating for his previous day : one to five stars and words of praise or disdain, depending on all the variables. These reviews burn in his psyche and cause him both pleasure and pain. Resulting are the many moods, transformations, and adventures of Monsieur Revieu. As the reviews for Chipwrecked now fluctuate around 10% on the Tomato-meter, I am passing through a new experience. In the past, as I've read reviews on a "Rotten" movie, I've thought little on the fantastic artists that could possibly be working on a film. Having worked on Chipwrecked, I won't advocate for the film as a great work of art, but I see past the critical disdain as I remember a great group of artists and a fun experience.

For those of you who see the film, this still is from the sequence I worked on. 
My work comes a few shots before this moment -the three shots before the final note.

Last night, we watched a Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium - one of my favorites - who scored a higher-but-still-rotten rating on the Tomatometer. When looking past it's obvious flaws, I see a raw, emotional, fresh, beautiful film that could have been refined further and become a magnificent film. Great stories are difficult to tell, great films are difficult to make, and great men are difficult to foresee. Thus a new character is born in my mind ... he may be flawed and undeveloped, but one day he may become ... The Magnificent Monsieur Revieu.

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