Thursday, December 1, 2011

02 :: Lovely Lady To The Rescue

This character originates from a true story years ago while I often rode the bus. When I was fortunate, I had the opportunity to observe this lovely lady who carried classic romance novels and a picnic in her dainty cart. She seemed so cultured and educated and paradoxically lonely. I could picture this woman in a crowd of people, reading her classics, carried away in her romantic imagination. She fits perfectly in the story of the solitary man.

One day, she rides the bus into the mountains and hikes the short distance to her favorite glen. When the energetic cat discovers this Lovely Lady hiking through his woods, he immediately sees her as the solution to his problems ... and lures her to meet his master. When the Solitary Man first sees this Lovely Lady, his pace quickens and his face comes to life ...

And to end this short film idea, I picture the couple sitting together on a log, slowly and deliberately in love. In front of them lays the poor, bored cat - tapping his paw rapidly and swishing his tail back and forth. The Lovely lady reaches down to pick the cat up, verrrryy slowwwwly. The impatient cat pops up, takes a few steps back, runs and rams the lovely lady back to sitting position where the Solitary Man and Lovely Lady lovingly pet their cat, verrrry slowwwwly.

At least, that's the story and cast of characters for now. We'll see how it evolves from here.


  1. Egbert, Lydia, Rinaldo ... those sound good. Any other suggestions?

  2. I like gwendaline too...thanks Jenn Shreeve!