Thursday, December 15, 2011

13 :: Junk Collector, In Memory Of

 It's the fate of the Junk Collector's only grandson, to clean up the mess left behind. It seems an impossible task, as all the room left in that house is a narrow pathway leading to an empty bed. One of the towering walls falls on top of his head, which causes hallucinations of his junk collecting grandpa, convincing him not to part with the junk (and making a good case too).

This grandpa is like so many others who lived through the great depression and know the value of being prepared. I think it would be a fun twist to have the grandson become convinced by his hallucination, only to turn around and see his grandpa as an angel, telling him, "Get rid of it, I need it no more."

Do you have a junk collecting grandparent? What is your favorite thing they kept around? The most puzzling thing?


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  3. bahahaha I think this would be a really funny story! I would absolutely love it. I acutally thought that grandpa's swords that he kept were really cool even though I dont really care for that kind of stuff. I still can't figure out why he kept every yogurt cup and lid they ate out of...hehehe silly grandpa