Tuesday, December 6, 2011

05 :: Yes, Yetzl

Shunned by the wealthy Absoletly family for her witchcraft dabblings, an ex-servant cast a curse on the toddler she had been hired to care for. Unfortunately, before she was able to gloat by presenting the terms of the curse to the Absoletly family, she drank too much of her latest potion and died. So truthfully, we traditionally blame this specific witch for the curse, but we don't really know for sure because if the secret was hers, it died with her. But we definitely know the results of the curse.

Since the curse, Yetzl Absoletly has never been told "NO" - not ever. When to the boy who once annoyed her (although she secretly had a crush on the dimple-face) she said, "leave me alone!" she never saw him again. She hoped to see him in a crowd and thought she had possibly seen him, she was never able to reach him. He was gone from her forever.

I'm excited to explore the psychology of such a character. What would that do to a person, to never have option of the answer "No"? How could that person avoid becoming wretched and selfish. If evil people discovered her powers of persuasion, how could she escape them and the fate of becoming evil herself. Would she become silent and never speak? Would she be lazy? And how would she ever become an accepted member of the society? I don't know, but it's fun to think about.

If you could ask for anything, and you knew the answer would be yes (NO MATTER WHAT), what would you ask for?

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  1. love this character idea! It seems like a great idea for a story.