Friday, December 9, 2011

08 :: Misfit Supers

In a world, made of lost contact lenses ... where the best a brightest superheroes have been de-magnified (shrunk) and trapped between glass ... the only hope remaining is a band of misfit supers.

1. Can Fly and hear pretty well, but he's blind.
2. Has Laser vision, super strength and no legs.
3. Reads and speeks in others' minds, super stretchy, but arthritis in his joints.
4. Super, booming speech, but he never stops talking.
5. A deaf wizard. His powers are random and unpredictable.

Only together can they do anything super. Good thing they like each other most of the time.

This is an idea I had a long time ago and luckily I wrote it down in my sketchbook. I have no names, no developed personalities, and the cast is subject to change (The designs especially).

What's your superpower? Super weakness?

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