Monday, December 19, 2011

16 :: Apotheterra Seedling

This character is inspired by my good friend, Nate Stout - by his new company, actually.  Nate and I have dreamed together since I first began my animation adventure (he also fixed my toilet), and while he is going into business and phamacy ... he has been searching for a way to get more animation and story telling into his career.  This may be the day that happens.

Citrina is has spent thousands of years hiding in flower buds and avoiding those who would use her powers for evil.  She has the abilities to improve a person's health in stamina in multiple ways, she removes facial wrinkles and blemishes, helps us run faster, feel better, and sparkle when we stand in the sunlight (wait...maybe not). She has had many owners and successfully escaped from all of them. But her search for a worthy owner has just come to an end. Nathan Stout of Apotheterra is a perfect match. He guards her as his precious secret, sharing her healing power with those who seek youth and stamina for only noble reasons. And if any reading this desire her assistance, you need only journey to Apotheterra, a land of beauty and healing.

For any interested, his company has already created an anti-wrinkle cream and they have many developments to come. What ailment would you like to have healed?


  1. I have to say I am suprised Scott you got something out so quickly. She looks amazing! Fantastic work and I am proud to have inspired you in some way to make a design like this. Very creative and fun.

  2. Thanks Nate, you have totally inspired me ;). The idea has been floating about my mind for a week or so. Did you notice the words "Apothoterra" link to your website? (As well as the first instance of your name).