Friday, December 23, 2011

20 :: Sassy Frassy

Once upon a time, I had the most wonderful boss in a land called Smiles - and she had the cutest granddaughter who brought the graphic designers joy. Sharon took some fun pictures of Brooklyn Lilly and we decided to do a collaboration on this one...

Brooklyn Lilly is the average girl going to an average school, which has a super fun playground and great kids...mostly. The bullies aren't that great, but fortunately Brooklyn's fancy fedora, which once on her head, makes her Sassy Frassy - hero of the wild wild playground.

So ... every great character has a huge weakness. But I'm so fond of Brooklyn I can't decide on one ... messy room, temper tantrums (haven't seen them), way too curious.... What do you think?

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  1. To learn more about Smiles Portrait Studio, head over to . Sharon has taken my pictures since I was young and has always been affordable and GREAT to work with!