Saturday, December 10, 2011

09 :: Invisible Villain

So who is the villain in the land of lenses? Who must the misfit supers vanquish? His name is Invizy - sure his name is cutesy, but his shades are rocking! His grand desire is to rid the world of anyone cooler, faster, or stronger than he. As only his glasses are visible, he is difficult to detect and his secret weapon he uses to lure his victims ... he smells AMAZING. If you smell a titillating smell your nose can't help but follow, chances are Invizy is near.  His latest plan has been to shrink all superheroes to antsize and store them in an antfarm (made of lost contact lenses, of course). On most days, the misfit supers would be no match for his superiority ... but today is Monday and his glasses got scratched ... his image is scarred for life.

So what do you think Invizy would look like if we could see him?

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