Thursday, December 8, 2011

07 :: The Tree Braider

The Tree Braider is an invisible artist. He's a kind man, but few people ever meet him and less ever hear him speak. Although he seems fully capable, he has a rare speech impediment and can only speak 5 words a day. This has driven him since he was a child to find some purpose in life - some way to tell the world who he is. 

To give some background, I took my son to a park yesterday and we were playing on this really old tree (couldn't find my sketchbook or I could have sketched it) and parts of the tree appeared as if someone had braided them and grafted them together. I couldn't decided whether this had occurred naturally or by the hand of a very patient human being. I imagined how many years this could have taken and what kind of person would invest that kind of time. I then wondered if this would be the sort of person who traveled and braided many trees ... so his handiwork could be seen across America.  

For any who want to participate, what is this guy's favorite food and what does he smell like?


  1. He smells like summer and happiness, and his favorite food is fruit of all kinds.

  2. Would he be friends with Johnny Appleseed? I could see that.

  3. if Johnney Appleseed was his friend, would that make Paul Bunion his worst enemy?